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Name: Conrad Achenleck
Fandom: Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name! (webcomic)
Timeline: Following Conrad’s transition into vampirism + his meeting of Hanna and the gang. (Maybe a few weeks after that, but without reaching the Ples case?? Non-existent time pocket, heyo.)

Age: 27 (birthday is November 16th, 1982, but I'm snatching him from 2009 so)

Appearance: 5'9". Both Conrad’s appearance and habits absolutely scream metrosexual. He goes out of his way to keep himself clean and presentable, and his wardrobe definitely classifies as stylish, even if he's too modest to admit it. His hair is jet black and styled in the front, and he has long sideburns. He’s practically blind without the glasses that sit atop his awkwardly-shaped nose, and he has a single fang poking out over his lip. His skin is deathly pale due to his STATE OF DEATH.....and he is English, giving him what I imagine is a light British accent. (It has been mentioned that he sounds similar to the lead singer of The Kooks!)

He puts a lot of thought into his clothing, and really, he's kind of a hipster. Into Apple products and Starbucks, that sort of stuff. His apartment is pristine and visually-appealing, much like his line of work. Etc, etc. People tend to think he's gay.

Abilities: Being a vampire, Conrad cannot age, nor die from normal "human" causes. (see below) The ability to turn into a bat is acknowledged, though he hasn’t actually transformed yet. (from the time period I'm taking him anyway.) He does not need to breathe, his speed and strength is improved, and his ability and quickness to heal has increased substantially. Limbs do not grow back if removed, however.

He is affected by the myth that vampires cannot enter someone's home unless invited in. Unnatural lighting doesn't affect him, but natural sunlight can hurt, even sunlight through a thin window shade can give him a headache. He can also drink people’s blood? So that's a thing. His blood also contains properties causing anyone to consume it to turn into a vampire.

Conrad also has the ability to "lose his humanity," which is something vampires in the Hinabn-world can go through when provoked, though he has not experienced this in canon. It is assumed that when a vampire's humanity is lost, they lose touch with themselves and revert back to their raw vampiric instincts. Their strength and speed increase further, and their body physically changes - teeth grow sharper, skin bubbles and peels away, limbs become pointer and more elongated. Basically they just look scary as shit.

CAUSES OF DEATH: stake through the heart, long-term exposure to sunlight, decapitation, & burning of the body entirely.

Personality: Conrad’s most noticeable quality is his irritability and short temper. His assholeish personality stems from his insecurity and timid nature growing up - because of his shyness, he was frequently bullied in school, causing him to shrink more and more into himself until he avoided people altogether. He really is a kind person on the inside and usually means well, he has just been trained to react differently after years of being stepped on. (Plus his life has taken a rather shitty turn as of late so of course he's going to be a bit testy do you really blame him ??)

Being a vampire has done nothing to boost Conrad’s bravery - signs of a fight and he's high-tailing it out there (his win record is not very impressive) - and despite being a vampire, he has yet to venture out and actually feed on someone. (Half of his issue is how many germs and diseases are on someone’s neck alone.) (He's very germaphobic.) (don't laugh) Due to this, he’s always gotten his blood from a supplier - their paranormal-client exclusive doctor. You can't avoid the problem forever, Conrad.

He'll probably be civil and friendly with you if you aren't a) annoying, or b) an asshole. If you're a pretty lady he might clam up.

History: Conrad grew up in England with his mom and dad. After his father left them, Conrad and his mom proceeded to and move to the USA. His mother was a very paranoid woman, diagnosing Conrad with mental case after mental case, and was convinced he would grow up a sociopath if she wasn't there to be his therapist. Most of his middle and high school experience consisted of dealing with social anxiety and school bullies, and don't ever remind him of prom.

After graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design, Conrad moved into his current condo and maintained a job as an independant graphic designer.

Conrad's introduction to the story begins with him knocking on the door of Hanna Cross - a paranormal investigator -  and begging him for help. The problem was a vampire (in bat form) had taken quite a liking to Conrad's apartment, and no matter how much he asked, she wouldn't get out. (She was also very sassy about it.)

So Hanna and his trusty zombie friend ollied on over to Conrad's apartment to confront the bat. After some verbal abuse from both parties, they finally struck a deal - if Hanna did a favor for the vampire, she would leave Conrad's apartment. Hanna naively agreed, and his "favor" for her was actually setting Adelaide free from her imprisoned bat form and turning her back into a real vampire. A fight broke lose, Hanna was knocked to the floor, Conrad was knocked out and taken to the roof by the vampire. (Let's call her Adelaide now.)

When Hanna and zombie got to the roof, it was too late - Adelaide had bitten and drained Conrad. He was totally dead.

Angry and panicked, Hanna did the one thing he knew would for sure save him - he nailed the vampire on the head with his hammer, gaining a sample of her blood, which he then fed to Conrad. And he waited.

Luckily the next thing that happened was Conrad opening his eyes and decking Hanna in the face. He was a newly-born vampire! THAT'S GREAT RIGHT wrong it's shitty and he hates it. Sometimes he wishes he had died instead. (But that's only when he gets really dramatic.)

After that ordeal, Hanna decided to take Conrad to Doc Worth, Hanna's mostly-paranormal-exclusive doctor. Worth introduced Conrad to blood for the first time, via bags of the stuff and also a punch to his own face (though that one was a little less planned.)

Presumably the next day, Hanna manages to drag Conrad to another case, this one about a haunted theater. There they meet Toni (who we later find out is a werewolf) and Veser, a teenage half-Selkie twat. Veser turned out to be friends with the ghost, Lee, who had been haunting the theater. Wanting to investigate further into Lee's murder, Hanna kept Veser around for information and the gang was eventually led to investigate a man by the name of Ples Tibenoch. AAAND scene. That's where we are now!


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Conrad Achenleck

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